Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program

Regional Engineering Pathways Program (REPP)

The Regents’ Engineering Pathway Program (REP Program) – formerly the Regents’ Engineering Transfer Program – allows students at colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia to study for two years at their home institution, then transfer to Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, Mercer University or the University of Georgia to complete their engineering degrees.

The purpose of the REP Program at Georgia Southern University is to:

  • Increase the accessibility to an engineering education in the State of Georgia.
  • Develop study habits and engineering problem-solving capability for students to be successful in their junior and senior engineering courses as well as in their professional careers.
  • Provide the coursework required during the first two years of the curricula for the engineering degree programs offered by Georgia’s engineering schools.

Note: For more information, please visit the Regents Engineering Pathways Program information page.

Program Coordinator

Dr. John O’Malley Jr.

Phone: (912) 478-7412

E-mail: jomalley@georgiasouthern.edu

Academic Advisor

Mrs. Kimberly Couch

Phone: (912) 478-8038

E-Mail kgriswold@georgiasouthern.edu

REPP Transfer Packet

Please complete the REPP Transfer Packet and submit it to Kimberly Couch by the deadline.


Curriculum Sheets 


Curriculum Sheet


REPP Aerospace Engineering

 REPP Aerospace Engineering Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Biomedical Engineering

 REPP Biomedical Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Chemical Engineering

 REPP Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Civil Engineering

 REPP Civil Engineering Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Computer & Electrical Engineering

 REPP Computer & Electrical Engineering Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Environmental Engineering

 REPP Environmental Engineering Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Industrial Engineering

 REPP Industrial Engineering Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


REPP Material Science & Engineering

 REPP Material Science & Engineering Advisement Sheet

Kimberly Couch


REPP Mechanical Engineering

 REPP Mechanical Engineering

Kimberly Couch


REPP Nuclear & Radiological Engineering

 REPP Nuclear & Radiological Curriculum

Kimberly Couch


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