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Dr. Mujibur Khan establishes Nanomaterials Lab

Dr. Mujibur Khan (ME) has established a Nanomaterials Research Lab in the Carruth Building (Room 1001B) for advanced nanostructure and nanocomposite synthesis and manufacturing.  Thanks to an NSF-MRI award in 2013 and internal grants, the Nanomaterials Research Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for fabrication, characterization and performance tests of nano- and nanocomposite materials for structural, bio-medical, energy and environmental applications.  Dr. Khan and his graduate and undergraduate students conduct research on core-sheath bio-nanofibers for controlled release and targeted cancer drug delivery, high-performance hybrid nanocomposite fibers, nanofiber mesh for CO2 sequestration and sol-gel doping for high temperature thermoelectrics.

Cancer drugs encapsulated inside dumbbell-shaped core-sheath PEO nanofibersCancer drugs in PEO nanofibers



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