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CS and IT teams prevail at Hackathon

Two Georgia Southern teams competed in the annual Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI) Westobou Hackthon in Augusta, GA — and both placed in the top 3!  The first place team of Computer Science students Charles Arvey, Robby Bryant, Samuel Cavedo and William Holliday earned a paid internship with RSI.  The third place team comprised IT students Travis Crowe, Regina Ravuth and Renita Ravuth.

In the 2014 Hackathon, each team had four hours to create a website for a specific company, and were provided with content and a set of images.  IT team member Travis Crowe enthused: “We learned quite a bit after seeing what the other teams created and from all the help RSI’s employees provided during the competition.  Not only was this an opportunity to showcase our skills, it was a chance to network and make new friends with others in our profession.”


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