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Regents Engineering Pathway Program (REPP)

The  Regents Engineering Pathway Program (REPP) – formerly the Regents Engineering Transfer Program – allows students at colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia to study for two years at their home institution, then transfer to Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, Mercer University or the University of Georgia to complete their engineering degrees.

The purpose of the REP Program at Georgia Southern University is to:

  • Increase the accessibility to an engineering education in the State of Georgia.
  • Develop study habits and engineering problem-solving capability for students to be successful in their junior and senior engineering courses as well as in their professional careers.
  • Provide the coursework required during the first two years of the curricula for the engineering degree programs offered by Georgia’s engineering schools.
Admission Requirements

Download the REPP admissions requirements.


REPP Transferring into Georgia Southern University: For Freshmen

Admission requirements for incoming freshmen.

Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is very important for the REPP student because students begin the courses required for the engineering major. From the very beginning, students in the transfer program take courses in math, science, and engineering each term. The other requirements of the University System Core Curriculum are spread throughout the entire four to five years of the engineering course of study, with only the two Freshman English composition courses, one course in U.S. History, and an American Government course required while at Georgia Southern.

Beginning Math Level Guidelines

The most important decision that an engineering student like you will face at the beginning of your college career is where to begin the math sequence.  The first credited math course toward the engineering degree is Calculus I (MATH 1441).

After Calculus 1, students will take a sequence of:

  • Two 4 credit-hour calculus courses
  • One special 3 credit-hour linear algebra for engineers course
  • One 3 credit-hour differential equations course

All math courses should be completed before transferring.  Some students may require additional preparation in math before beginning with the Calculus I course.  In that case, the student should take college algebra or pre-calculus first.  However, these courses will be considered preparatory in nature and do not count toward the engineering degree.  Students who do not begin with Calculus I should consider attending the summer session following their freshman year or plan on taking more than two years to complete the pre-transfer course of study.

Course Sequences

Program Contact Information

CEIT Student Services Center

Phone: (912) 478-4877


Last updated: 10/25/2016