Laboratory for Antennas and Wireless Propagation Expands Cutting-Edge Study of Wireless Antennas

Assistant Professor Sungkyun Lim in the Department of Electrical Engineering has been awarded his second Georgia Research for Academic Partnership in Engineering (GRAPE) grant funded by Georgia Power/Southern Company for his project “Realization of cyber-security/intrusion risk free zone for IEEE 802.15-based wireless sensor technologies by controlling the propagation of RF signals.” within the Laboratory for Antennas and Wireless Propagation in the College of Engineering and Information Technology. The goal of this second GRAPE project is to achieve physical cyber security for wireless sensors in power plants/buildings by controlling radio frequency (RF) signals using directive antennas instead of omnidirectional antennas.

Professor Lim, along with his team of graduate and undergraduate researchers, study electrically small antennas, super gain arrays, artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) ground planes and electromagnetic wave propagation. The focus of their research has been developing applications such as RFID-tag/reader antennas, mobile-phone antennas, wireless energy transfer/harvesting, radar and propagation modeling.

Dr. Lim was awarded his first GRAPE grant for research on “Wireless energy harvest for self-powered wireless sensors using dissipated electromagnetic fields.” The goal of this ongoing research is to develop wireless sensors, like those found in cellphones, tablets or other electronic devices, which can automatically use ambient electromagnetic energy to continuously charge themselves. Electronic devices will not require a recharge quite as often when this technology is developed, saving money and energy.

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