EE student Cameron Cato, 1st Place in CEIT Graduate Research Symposium

EE graduate student Cameron Cato placed first among College of Engineering and Information Technology participants in the 2013 Graduate Research Symposium sponsored by the Georgia Southern University, College of Graduate Studies for his research on Miniaturized Antennas.

A Miniaturized Circularly Polarized, Parasitic Array Antenna for Ground Station Communication with Cube Satellites
Cameron Cato / Sungkyun Lim adviser

A circular polarized, electrically small, two element parasitic array is proposed for ground based communication with cube satellites. Miniaturization is achieved through the use of a top loaded structure along with multiple folds in the driver for close spacing between parasitic elements. Circular polarization is created through the use of a single feed point utilizing perpendicular dipole of differing electrical length. The total volume of the antenna is 54cm X 54cm X 7.14cm (0.262 λ X 0.262 λ X 0.035 λ) and the electrical size of kr is 0.84. The realized gain of the antenna is 4.96 dB and the minimum axial ratio is 0.21 dB.View Poster

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