Power Systems Research presented at GURC 2015

Fifteen Electrical Engineering undergraduate students with interest in Power Systems participated in the Georgia Southern hosted GURC 2015, Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference. Participants discussed results from their research conducted in the capstone Electrical Engineering courses Senior Project I & II.  The students were part of six groups working on their senior design projects under the supervision of Dr. Adel El Shahat, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering; Founder and Director of innovative Power Electronics & Nano-Grids (iPENG) Research Lab.

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Topics presented were:

  1. Wind Power Energy Source as Intermittent Dispatchable Unit for Micro-Grid Applications.  Jordan Cannon, David Moore, Stephen Eason.
  2. Energy Efficient Electrical Design for a Higher Education Building.  Matthew Cobb, Nathan Justin.
  3. Residential Solar Photovoltaic System Design.  Joseph Courson, Austin Martenson, Aaron Mosley.
  4. Universal Power Converter with Wireless Distribution.  Stephen Radford, Michael Moore.
  5. Single-Phase Cascaded Inverter for Photovoltaic System.  Anthony Moore, Adam Carver.
  6. Electrical System Associated with Small Scale Hydropower Generator Design & Modeling. Zack Floyd, Roman Coley, Clifford Saggus.

Dr. El Shahat’s research in the iPENG Research Laboratory includes:

  • Design, modeling, analysis, and control of nano & micro- grids elements with special purpose power electronics devices related to them.
  • Smart Homes sizing, design, and performance analysis.
  • Analysis and design of DC and AC nano-grids systems.
  • Parallel operation of distributed energy sources.
  • Electric machines and drives control, modeling, analysis, and design.
  • Modeling and control of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  • Modeling, control development, and analysis of power converters.
  • Load profiles modeling and prediction.
  • Renewable energy systems (PV, Wind, ….etc), performance estimation, design, modeling, and analysis.
  • Micro-generators design, micro-turbine operation, and modeling of fuel cells.
  • Control of power factor and THD of power converter operations for interfacing storage devices for distributed energy systems.
  • Energy storage devices, charging/discharging analysis, and control.
  • Modeling of FACTS system for power system stability analysis.
  • Modeling of micro-grid green distributed energy system.
  • Integration of green energy in electric power systems.
  • Inverter operation as a steam generating unit.
  • High penetration of renewable and green energy sources.
  • Market forecasting for alternative sources and economics aspects.
  • EV design and performance analysis.
  • Using artificial intelligence in previous topics like: optimization, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithm.

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