Spring 2016 MSAE-EE Graduates Finding Success

The Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, is proud to announce the Spring 2016 graduates of the Master of Science in Applied Engineering with Electrical and Electronic Systems concentrations are successfully continuing in their professional endeavors; some have found a footing in industry, while others seek doctoral degrees.

Heading into industry are three Double Eagles*:

Robin Grodi


Mr. Robin Grodi
Drone Design Engineer
Aurora Flight Science Company



Yen Le


Miss Yen Le
RF Engineer
Avion Systems, Inc


Jinxi Chen



Mr. Jinxi Chen
RF Engineer




Choosing to pursue a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering are:
Sylvia Bhattacharya

Miss Sylvia Bhattacharya
Florida State University


Tanjil Amin


Mr. Tanjil Amin
University of Texas

Somen Baidya




Mr. Somen Baidya
University of Missouri




*Double Eagles are alumni who have earned two or more degrees from Georgia Southern.


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