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6 New Research Positions Available for Undergraduate Students

Dr. Soloiu, the Director of the Engine Performance Lab, has made available the following research positions:


If you are qualified, apply without delay, or alternatively contact Dr. Soloiu for training. The positions will be advertised again in 6 months. Your research environment will be in the most advanced undergraduate engine combustion laboratory in the United States.

 Test Cell ALPHA

Test Cell ALPHA – Automotive Laboratory

Test Cell BETA

Test Cell BETA – Automotive Laboratory



FEV Inc. – GSU – Engine Combustion Laboratory – Joint Internship for Master Students

FEV is offering challenging internships in the field of light-duty diesel powertrain. This internship is designed for Masters of Science candidates in collaboration with Dr. Valentin Soloiu, the Distinguished Allen E Paulson Chair in Georgia Southern University. At FEV, engineering intern will be part of a team and receives project tasks and responsibilities within a group, which are mentored and supervised by an experienced project engineer. The tasks include but are not limited to engine dynamometer testing of diesel engines, vehicle testing for emissions and performance and associated data handling, processing and presenting combustion and performance data, engine and aftertreatment control strategy development, rapid control prototyping using MATLAB/Simulink/C environments and participate in internal FEV training and experience sharing activities. Because of the complexity of the tasks encountered in the daily job, FEV prefers internship duration of min 9 months to 1 year. Interested candidates can submit resumes and questions to the contact information listed below.

Position Announcement: FEVInc_Students_GSU

Automotive and Engines Laboratories Openings and Recruitment

Automotive and Engines Laboratories

Openings and Recruitment

for the Federal Agencies: EPA, NSF projects

(Design & Development, Instrumentation & Data Acquisition, Combustion and Emissions)


Spring 2014 Meeting – Wed. Jan. 22nd

where: Room 2116,

 when: 5:30-6:30pm

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Accepting Applications for National Science Foundation: Research Experience for Undergraduates

National Science Foundation: Research Experience for Undergraduates

“Undergraduate Research in Green Engineered New Transportation Technologies (URGENTT)”

The Allen E. Paulson Research Laboratory for Renewable Energy and Engines at Georgia Southern University will offer summer-term interdisciplinary research experiences for engineering undergraduate students in the field of Renewable Energy and Biofuels Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). REU students will be trained to use the AEP Laboratory’s state-of-the-art equipment. A ~$1.5M investment in applied equipment (high-speed data acquisition and gas analysis systems, engines, dynamometers) secured with NSF, DOE, EPA, and ORNL research grants.

Features of the program: The research problem requires multidisciplinary strategies contributed by 8 faculty from 5 departments & 3 colleges of the university. The program will provide stipends to 10 students from various universities, for 10 weeks each summer from 2014 to 2016. In consultation with a faculty mentor, they will develop an individual research project, delineating their expected contribution to their as-signed team. Participants will attend lectures, seminars, work-shops, and labs to develop their knowledge in, renewable energy, engines, research methods, and technical writing. Read More…

Selection process :

if you are a ME student in GSU please contact:   Dr. Soloiu– vsoloiu@georgiasouthern.edu  the NSF-REU PI

1. Applicants must meet the US citizenship or permanent resi-dent and undergraduate student status criteria set forth in the NSF-09-598 solicitation

2. Minimum GPA: 3.5 in major; 3.0 overall

3. Students will receive stipend of $400/week and $200 /week subsistence allowance

4. All students may receive up to $1000 for round trip economy air ticket from their university to GSU if no driving possible

5. Application deadline January 15

6. June 1st: Program start for 10 weeks

Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory • (912) 478-2293 • vsoloiu@georgiasouthern.edu