Bulloch County Ticket Bank – Web App Development Internship

The Averitt Center would like for Bulloch County to have a web-based “ticket bank”.  Theater/Performance venues put empty seats into the bank, non-profit agencies draw them out for underserved clients.  For example, the Averitt has extra seats for the Sunday matinee of Annie. They post the seats to this website.  The Red Cross, or friends of a family who have just lost their home to a fire, or the family themselves – see the tickets on the website.  They make a request to the Red Cross, who withdraws the free tickets and awards them to the family.  There need to be different levels of access and visibility, and we probably have three or more venues and about 50 agencies we’d need to incorporate into the system.

This project could fulfill Legacy Project Requirements of the Southern Leaders Program.

If interested contact Wendy Denton, Office of Student Leadership – wdenton@georgiasouthern.edu

For IT internship credit contact Dr. Art Gowan – artgowan@georgiasouthern.edu

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