Educational Application Development

Entrepreneur needs prototype developed.

My name is Margaret Stewart. I have taught and tutored math for 35 years. I have tutored elementary through college and have taught middle school through college. I recently came up with an invention. I came up with the idea from working with middle school students. I discussed my idea with a company and great interest was expressed. I was told that I needed to make a prototype. I would not be able to pay a student presently. However, when we get the prototype finished  I could pay at the time the company bought the invention. The company may pay me a percentage of all profits. I could then pay the student an ongoing percentage of 5% of my total profits.I feel that this would be a wonderful opportunity for a student. Being able to have an ongoing percentage could be financially benefical. Future benefits for present work. A similar invention sold 1 million just during the Christmas season for $29.95 each.I am convinced that this invention would be extremely successful. Interested students can send their resume to: margaretstewart7@frontier.com

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