CDCA Summer Internship Program – Scientific Research Corporation

Under direct supervision, applies use and application of standard engineering principles, theories, and concepts of minor complexity. Assists in the research, analysis, compilation, design, development and/or test of technical engineering data in support of customer requirements in one or more engineering disciplines.

List all other requirements (minimum student year, applicable majors, software/hardware experience, etc): This job requires the candidate to be actively pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical discipline. Performing work in the job’s occupational field requires the application of complex, technical professional disciplines and the extensive, applied use
of related concepts, practices, and methods. This job requires a fundamental level of proficiency, verbal and written communication and computer skills.

The Charleston Defense Contractors Association is a not for profit organization assembled under the purpose of advocating, and
protecting the real, capital, and economic interest of the companies and clients of the defense industry in the Charleston metro
area and surrounding regions. Membership fees are not tax deductible. Speak to a tax advisor to find out if they can be considered as a business expense.

The deadline for this “Letter of Intent” is March 7, 2014. This will allow at least three weeks posting to schools and for you
to interview students.
Company Name: __Scientific Research Corporation_________________________________________________________
Internship Position Title: __Engineering (Computer Sciences) Intern___________________________________________
Internship Period: _12 May – 1 August 2014_ ___________________________________________________________
Point of Contact
Name: ___Mary Virginia “Ginny” Gregg___________________________________________________________
Email: __ggregg@scires.com____________________________________________________________________
Phone: _(843)308-2467_________________________________________________________________________

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