Linq3 Technologies – Jr. Unix/Linux Admin – Atlanta

This candidate should be EAGER TO LEARN – this person should be wanting to grow long term in an environment, where they will have the opportunity to wear multiple hats & learn a ton of new technologies.

Position Title: Jr. Unix/Linux Admin
Company: Linq3 Technologies LLC
Location: Atlanta, GA
Duration: Direct Hire
Salary: Contact mburruss@teksystems.com for more information

Top Three Skills: 1. Unix/Linux experience – this individual should have 1 year experience working in a Linux/Unix environment. Their environment is very similar to Free BSD (Unix) and Red Hat/Cent OS (Linux). Must be comfortable on the command line. Candidates will be working with the following services and applications: DNS (bind), DHCP, VPNS (OpenVPN, Psec), IMAP (dovecot), SMTP (sendmail), HTTP (apache), SIP, RTP (asterisk), iptables, ipfilter
2. Networking – basic understanding of common networking concepts. Because this is a junior role, as long as the individual has working knowledge of Sub-netting, TCP, UPP, protocols and are willing to learn they should thrive.
3.) 1 year of enterprise level experience analyzing alerts on linux/unix based servers and troubleshooting the issues.
Job Description: 90% of the candidates day will be spent monitoring Unix based server environments which is FreeBSD and making sure health of these systems are good. Specifically, they will monitor alerts check things like CPU utilization, connectivity issues, etc. The reason they need tech’s monitoring alerts because they have certain SLA’s in place with state lotteries in terms of up time and performance and if they have outages, linq3 is responsible for liquidated damages.

If this resource shows that they can learn they may be asked to rack and stack gear (10% of their time) into the QTS data center. Every time they land a new customer with the state lottery they are required build out a dedicated server environment as well as their own secure network backbone. With regard to Unix, they will split their time in project based work (environment builds) and troubleshooting issues with the customer. They also be monitoring the application and infrastructure. The bulk of the East Coast Data center is built out but they always looking to build out its redundancy. This person may get some exposure to routing and switching issues and dealing with router config issues. The rest of their time will be spent firewall related issues.

Higher level tasks they will get a chance to learn

b. Write command lines (PHP, MySQL) with IP tables, full packets, etc…
2) Linux (RHEL/CentOS) version 5.x or above
a. Build servers, understands server components, support and troubleshoot servers, rack/stack, install OS, etc…
3) Networking (Xtreme, Cisco, or Juniper)
a. Understands the OSI model/the different layers, can be “hands-on” doing switch configurations (router configs would be a PLUS), IP protocols (specifically BGP and MPLS), etc…
4) Security
a. (Linq3 has to be PCI Compliant) PCI compliance, security protocols, firewalls–they use VIATTA (rules, follow rules, filters, filter traffic thru IP protocols)
5) VoIP (Asterix or Cisco)
Additional Information: linq3 secure payment platform transforms existing unmanned POS locations into highly interactive access points for the state lottery products. By leveraging existing hardware, securing transactional data and communications lotteries now have a unique opportunity think outside the box. The linq3 solution works in partnership with existing lottery networks, allowing lotteries to efficiently reach a greater market, interacting with them in a brand new way

This candidate should be EAGER TO LEARN – this person should be wanting to grow long term in an environment, where they will have the opportunity to wear multiple hats & learn a ton of new technologies.

Work Environment: Linq3 is a start up company that is partly self funded and partly venture capital funded. Their culture is very much get it done approach where everyone steps in to help each other. People wear many hats and is a dynamic work environment. Most important is “PRECEPTION, RETAINING, ADABILITY” – because this is a junior role they want someone who has a strong Preception, is able to Retain knowledge, and has the Adability to work in a start up time environment where you are going to where multiple hats.
Interview Information: MUST KNOW HOW TO:
-navigate the command line and know where to find, log files, config files, cat and grep, transfer files,

Must know: access control list, permissions, see control list,
must know read and write files: chmod and chown–shows how to access a file
must know ssh, tcp, ip works with 3 way handshake, ip addressing, know diff between layer 2 or layer 3,
Who is the Internal/External Customer: The external cutomer is the State Lotteries that use Linq3 software to sell lottery tickets via debit and credit cards.
Impact to the Internal/External Customer: The potential market for electronic lottery sales is a billion dollar industry that is just starting to be tapped, so if Linq3 can prove to the various state lotteries they are trying to sell their solution so that they have minimal down time and is a secure, they will stand to grow tremendously. The monitoring team will help this effort.

Business Challenge: Linq3 will occasionally will be hit with fines by the state lotteries they sell to their electronic solution to because of the system outages. The longer the outage, the larger the fine. So in order to prevent financial loss and to themselves and their customers and they are adding 2nd shift monitoring technicians so they can react quickly to an outage or potentially prevent one before it happens.

EVP: Candidates will get a chance to work in both Linux, Network and security. Additionally, they will get a chance to work in a newly patented technology where the growth potential for this business is outstanding.
Non-Technical Skills: must be a go-getter and work well with people. This a small team so people will need to work within this fluid environment with sometimes limited direction
Why is position open?: business is growing.
Project Stage/Lifecycle Info: design/development
Technical Environment: FreeBSD, Viatta firewall, Unix, Linux, Extreme Network gear, Cisco

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