Coca-Cola Enterprises Summer IT Internships

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce full-time, paid internship opportunities for the summer of 2015.

Internships will begin June 15th and end August 7th, and will be located in the CCE office at 2500 Windy Ridge Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, 30339.  Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students must possess a Social Security Number, agree to a drug test, and submit to a standard background check to apply.

Here are the summary of internship opportunities available:

  • Digital Workplace Internship (1-2 openings)
  • Integration Internship (1 opening)
  • IT Manufacturing Internship (1 opening)
  • IT Logistics Internship (1 opening)
  • Identity and Access Management Internship (1 opening)
  • Security Operations and Architecture Internship (1-2 openings)
  • Extended Warehouse Management Internship (1 opening)
  • IT Infrastructure Internship (1 opening)

The summary of each internship’s tasks and responsibilities is below.

If interested, please submit your resume to your university’s internship/career development point of contact by March 27, 2015. Please indicate which internship(s) you are applying to.

Digital Workplace (1-2 openings) –in charge of the tools and technologies that support communications and collaboration between CCE employees, including email, instant messaging, and telepresence.

  • Manage and maintain the Digital Workplace Communications site
  • Assist in the implementation of OneDrive cloud storage for all company employees
  • Assist in the implementation of Office365
  • Skills requested: background in open source programming languages

Integration – manages how both internal and external CCE systems talk to each other, including managing APIs, RFCs, and B2B connections.

  • Learn and develop integration solutions using Java
  • Prototype integration platforms, such as Mulesoft
  • Create use cases for cloud and on-premise integrations

IT Manufacturing – supports the production of our products by offering tools and solutions for our plants.

  • Replace Java dependent screens in SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)
  • Design and develop centralized reporting for LineView production line data accuracy

Logistics – helps with day-to-day business activities surrounding procurement, supply chain, and transportation.

  • Testing and coordination with vendors to migrate CCE’s SAP Sourcing environment to a new hosting provider.
  • Identify APIs in CCE’s Supply Chain applications and evaluate innovative solutions to leverage these APIs.
  • Prototype Capriza mobile applications to deliver innovative solutions to CCE’s Supply Chain organization.
  • Review and track value generation driven by the LEO Continuous Improvements in Belgium/Luxembourg

Identity and Access Management – owns the processes for how employees get access to CCE systems, including granting access, application role design, and single sign on enablement.

  • Expand our Single Sign On footprint in the enterprise by building an app catalog and contact list for cloud apps not utilizing Single Sign On, and develop/streamline onboarding process for apps and app owners
  • Find efficiencies in our access management tool, SAP IDM, by identifying and onboarding applications not using IDM for provisioning and cleanup descriptions for IDM roles to make them user friendly

IT Security Operations and Architecture – in charge of protecting CCE’s systems by preventing cyber security attacks, identifying technological vulnerabilities, and rolling out new security intelligence capabilities.

  • Assist IT SecOps team, including managing firewalls, AWS Security Assessment remediation, technical policy updates, Cyber Incident Response Plan, identify end of life/support devices and software, and cert management
  • Assist with projects, including Zscaler mobile security rollout, Data Loss Prevention development (cloud, on-prem and mobile), Splunk Enterprise Security development, document Security Architecture Standards

Extended Warehouse Management –delivers products that ensure our warehouses run smoothly and efficiently. The EWM tools ensure our warehouse employees know where every bottle of our product resides within our warehouse.

  • Learn and participate in design discussions for SAP EWM for the company’s Great Britain warehouses
  • Work with SAP to test and determine gaps with a new Augmented Reality tool

IT Infrastructure Team – oversees all of the underlying technology for every CCE application. They make sure they lights are on and build out new environments for other teams to utilize.

  • Identify the roadmap for legacy applications, including interviewing key stakeholders
  • Identifying infrastructure that can be decommissioned, and executing the process to remove from our environment
  • Project management activities to move existing or new servers to the cloud


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