Program & Course Requirements

PROGRAM ADMISSION CRITERIA: Before acceptance as an IT major, a student will be required to complete and have a minimum grade of “C” in IT 2333MATH 1232MATH 2130STAT 2231WRIT 2130, and a minimum average GPA of 2.5 between IT 1130 and IT 1430.

OTHER PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: A minimum grade of “C” is required in all Major Requirements, Second Discipline Concentrations, and minor courses. With the approval of the chair of the Department of Information Technology, a minor plus additional course work required to total at least 18 hours will satisfy the second discipline concentration requirement.

Area A1 – Communication Skills 6 Hours
Area A2 – Quantitative Skills 3 Hours
Area B – Global Engagement 4 Hours
Area C – Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics 6 Hours

COMM 1110 – Principles of Public Speaking (3)

Area D – Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology 11 Hours

STAT 2231 – Introduction to Statistics I (3)

Area E – Social Sciences 12 Hours
Area F – Courses Appropriate to Major 18 Hours

IT 1130 – Introduction to Information Technology (3)

IT 1430 – Web Page Development (3)

IT 2333 – IT Infrastructure (3)

MATH 2130 – Discrete Mathematics (3)

WRIT 2130 – Technical Communication (3)

Second Discipline – (3)

Health and Physical Education Activities 4 Hours

HLTH 1520 – Healthful Living (2)

Physical Educational Activities (2)

Orientation 2 Hours

FYE 1220 – First Year Seminar (2)

Major Requirements 36-37 Hours

CISM 3134 – Data Communications (3)

IT 3130 – Web Application Design and Development I (3)

IT 3131 – Web Application Design and Development II (3)

IT 3233 – Database Design and Implementation (3)

IT 3234 – Systems Acquisition Integration and Implementation (3)

IT 4130 – Information Technology Issues and Management (3)

IT 4131 – Information Technology Capstone Project (3)

IT 4790 – Internship in Information Technology (3)

MATH 1232 – Survey of Calculus (3) OR MATH 1441 – Calculus I (4)

Select 9 hours from one of the following Specialization Areas:

Web and Multimedia Foundations

IT 3132 – Web Software (3)

IT 5235 – Advanced Web Interfaces (3)

IT 5236 – Interactive Web Design and Development (3) OR GCM 5332 – Multimedia Presentation (3)

Information Management

CISM 4237 – Business Intelligence (3)

IT 5135 – Data Analytics (previously IT 4135 Information Organization and Retrieval) (3)

IT 4136 – Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (3)

Networking and Datacenter Administration

IT 4335 – Network Architecture (3) OR CISM 4238 – Network Administration (3)

Select two from the following:

IT 4234 – Datacenter Management (3)

IT 5433 – Information Storage and Management (3)

IT 5434 – Network Security Fundamentals (3)

Second Discipline Concentration 15 Hours

Refer to the Second Disciplines section below for a list and descriptions of approved concentrations.

Electives 8-9 Hours

No more than 6 hours of electives in IT, CSCI, and CISM courses

Second Discipline Concentrations

Students in the Bachelor of Science program in information technology (IT) are required to choose a focused application area to blend their IT knowledge with an expanded knowledge of the application area. Students should select a second discipline concentration or a minor no later than the beginning of the junior year. Each second discipline concentration consists of 3 semester hours in Area F and 15 semester hours specified by the academic unit offering the second discipline concentration. Alternatively, with the approval of the chair of the Department of Information Technology, a minor plus additional coursework required to total at least 18 hours, will satisfy the second discipline concentration requirement. Students are encouraged to consult the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology Office of Student Services or the Department of Information Technology to verify second discipline or minor information.

The requirements for the approved second discipline concentrations are given below.

Computer Engineering Second Discipline Concentration

Computer Science Second Discipline Concentration

Digital Imaging Systems Second Discipline Concentration*

Engineering Science Second Discipline Concentration

French Second Discipline Concentration

Geographic Information Science Second Discipline Concentration

German Second Discipline Concentration

Health Informatics Second Discipline Concentration (being phased out)

Imaging Information Systems Second Discipline Concentration*

Information Technology and the Administration of Justice Second Discipline Concentration

International Trade Second Discipline Concentration

Multimedia Communication Second Discipline Concentration

Multimedia for Information Second Discipline Concentration*

Music Second Discipline Concentration**

Spanish Second Discipline Concentration

Technical Writing Second Discipline Concentration

Technology and Political Analysis Second Discipline Concentration

Visual Communications Design Second Discipline Concentration*

*Please view the course offerings and course rotations for these second disciplines to effectively plan your schedule.

** Effective fall 2013, the two semesters of Music Theory and Sight Singing/Ear Training are replaced by Music Fundamentals I & II and Music Appreciation.

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