IT Student Awards

The Department of Information Technology recognizes outstanding graduating students each semester. The awards are based on excellent academic performance and outstanding community service.

Award Fall 2015 Spring/Summer 2016
Academic Achievement Jonathan M. Bohdan
Outstanding Student Leslie A. Dykes
Excellence in Service Morgan S. Stears
Award Fall 2014 Spring/Summer 2015
Academic Achievement Jonathan P. Strickland Cory J. Thomas
Outstanding Student Willaim T. Stone Meaghan M. Thomson
Excellence in Service Alexander Allen
Award Fall 2013 Spring/Summer 2014
Academic Achievement Ty J. Von Plinsky Felecia Carter
Outstanding Student Brittany N. Horton
Excellence in Service Douglas Mrsich
Award Fall 2012 Spring/Summer 2013
Academic Achievement Brandon G. Black Timothy W. Hunt
Outstanding Student Robert N. Garrett Muhamed Sidibeh
Excellence in Service Ronald J. Gurley Evin M. Hughes
Award Fall 2011 Spring/Summer 2012
Academic Achievement Travis G. Williams
Outstanding Student Kadisa T. Johnson
Excellence in Service Patrick R. Howard
Adrienne K. Smiley
Christopher Sterling
Kenneth L. Vann
Award Fall 2010 Spring/Summer 2011
Academic Achievement Alexander J. Daher Danai E. Adams
Outstanding Student William T. Beeson
Excellence in Service Jared R. Jones
Award Fall 2009 Spring/Summer 2010
Academic Achievement Timothy Smith Jonathon M. Overcash
Outstanding Student Byron Daniel Daniel S. Shaver
Excellence in Service Jaime M. Thompson

Last updated: 1/7/2016

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