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IT professionals focus on meeting the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. They must, therefore, have a good understanding of the various information technologies and the type of activity in which the organization is involved. The BSIT prepares students for careers as IT professionals. Students are required to complete thirteen core courses, an internship experience, an IT specialization area, and a six course second discipline.

Below you will find the IT program requirements and course descriptions, including rationale for inclusion, objectives and outcomes. You may also view the IT program admission criteria and catalog course descriptions.

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Required Core IT Courses

Core IT courses for students starting Fall 2012 or later:

Students entering the IT program prior to fall 2012 should refer to the Prior IT Core Requirements information.

Course Description
IT 1130 Introduction to I.T. ico-web
IT 1430 Web Page Development ico-web
IT 2333 IT Infrastructure ico-web
MATH 2130 Discrete Mathematics ico-web
WRIT 2130 Technical Communications ico-web
IT 3130 Web Application Design and Development I ico-web
IT 3131 Web Application Design and Development II ico-web
CISM 3134 Data Communications ico-web
IT 3233 Database Design and Implementation ico-web
IT 3234 Systems Acquisition, Integration, and Implementation ico-web
IT 4130 I.T. Issues and Management ico-web
IT 4131 Information Technology Capstone Project ico-web
IT 4790 I.T. Internship ico-web


In addition the core, students must choose an I.T. specialization.

Information Management

Course Description
IT 5135 Data Analytics (Spring)– previously IT 4135 Information Organization and Retrieval ico-web
IT 4136 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Fall) ico-web
CISM 4237 Business Intelligence ico-web

Networking and Datacenter Administration

Course Description
IT 4335 Network Architecture (Spring)or

CISM 4238 Network Administration

and 2 of the following
IT 4234 Datacenter Management (Fall) ico-web
IT 5433 Information Storage and Management (Spring) ico-web
IT 5434 Network Security Fundamentals (Fall) ico-web

Web and Multimedia Foundations:

Course Description
IT 3132 Web Software (Spring and Fall) ico-web
IT 5235/5235H Advanced Web Interfaces (Spring)– previously IT 4235 Problems in Web Applications ico-web
IT 5236 Interactive Web Design and Developmentor

GCM 5332 Multimedia Presentations (or GCM 1631 Introduction to Multimedia)


In the event that courses are unavailable due to scheduling of course rotations, students must obtain permission from Dr. Art Gowan for any substitutions.

Dr. Art Gowan, Chair and Professor

CEIT Room 2120

Phone: (912) 478-4848

Second Disciplines

Students in the Bachelor of Science program in Information Technology (IT) are required to choose a focused application area to blend their IT knowledge with an expanded knowledge of the application area. Students should select a second discipline concentration or a minor no later than the beginning of the junior year. Each second discipline concentration consists of 3 semester hours in Area F and 15 semester hours specified by the academic unit offering the second discipline concentration. Alternatively, with the approval of the chair of the Department of Information Technology, a minor plus additional coursework required to total at least 18 hours, will satisfy the second discipline concentration requirement.

IT Second Disciplines 2011 – 2013:

Computer Engineering Second Discipline Concentration

Computer Science Second Discipline Concentration

Digital Imaging Systems Second Discipline Concentration

Engineering Science Second Discipline Concentration

French Second Discipline Concentration

Geographic Information Science Second Discipline Concentration

German Second Discipline Concentration

Health Informatics Second Discipline Concentration

Imaging Information Systems Second Discipline Concentration

Information Technology and the Administration of Justice Second Discipline Concentration

International Trade Second Discipline Concentration

Multimedia Communication Second Discipline Concentration

Multimedia for Information Second Discipline Concentration

Music Second Discipline Concentration

Spanish Second Discipline Concentration

Technical Writing Second Discipline Concentration

Technology and Political Analysis Second Discipline Concentration

Visual Communications Design Second Discipline Concentration

IT Second Disciplines 2009 – 2010:

Computer Science
Digital Imaging Systems
Geographic Information Systems
Health Informatics
Imaging Information Systems
Information Technology and the Administration of Justice
International Trade
Military Science
Multimedia Communication
Multimedia for Information Technology
Technical Writing
Technology and Political Analysis
Visual Communications Design

IT Second Disciplines 2007 – 2009:

Applied Integrated Manufacturing (being phased out)
Computer Science
Digital Imaging Systems
Electronic Broadcast Media
Geographic Information Systems
Health Informatics
Imaging Information Systems
Information Technology and the Administration of Justice
International Trade
Military Science
Multimedia for Information Technology
Music Technology
Technical Writing
Technology Education Program (being phased out)
Technology and Political Analysis
Visual Communication Design

For approval of a minor plus additional coursework to satisfy the “second discipline” requirement, contact Dr. Art Gowan, Chair.


Every IT major is expected to complete a 280 hour internship in a related field.

  • When should you complete the internship requirement?
    • Before you graduate!
    • Typically you will need to have completed the following courses:
      • IT 1130
      • IT 1430
      • IT 2333
      • CSCI 1236
      • CISM 2230
      • IT 3131
    • However, each internship requires different skills, so it depends
  • How do I obtain an internship?
    • Let us know you are ready – Complete an online application form (opens in new window)
    • Look at the posted internships in the Internships or Part-time Jobs section and contact us if you are interested
    • If you find an internship, contact us for approval first. You will need:
      • Job description
      • Company name, location, and website (if available)
      • Supervisor’s name, address, phone & e-mail
  • What is required and how am I evaluated?


Sample Program of Study

Four Year Program of Study:

The following is a four year plan of study for the BSIT program. Unless otherwise indicated, each course is 3 credit hours.

The only IT courses not offered every semester are on a rotation basis and are in the Specializations.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Year 1 ENGL 1101: Composition I ENGL 1102: Composition II
MATH 1111: College Algebra MATH 2130: Discrete Mathematics
IT 1130: Introduction to IT IT 1430: Web Page Development
HIST 2110: The United States: A Comprehensive Survey Lab Science I (4)
HLTH 1520: Healthful Living (2) ECON 2105: Economics in a Global Society
FYE 1220: First Year Seminar (2) FYE 1410: Global Citizens (1)

Total: 16 hours

Total: 17 hours

Year 2 IT 3130: : Web Application Design and Development I WRIT 2130: Technical Communication
ENGL 2111/2112 World Literature STAT 2231: Introduction to Statistics I
IT 2333: IT Infrastructure IT 3233: Database Design and Implementation
Environmental Science (4) COMM 1110: Principles of Public Speaking
MATH 1232: Survey of Calculus Social Science Elective (Area E)
KINS (PE Activity Course) (1)

Total: 16 hours

Total: 16 hours

Year 3 CISM 3134: Data Communications IT 3234: Systems Acquisition, Integration and Implementation
HIST 1112: World History II IT Specialization 1
IT 3131: Web Application Design and Development II General Elective 1
POLS 1101: Introduction to American Government Second Discipline 1
Second Discipline Area F Course Second Discipline 2
KINS (PE Activity Course) (1)

Total: 15 hours

Total: 16 hours

Year 4 IT 4790: IT Internship IT 4131: IT Capstone Project
Second Discipline 3 IT Specialization 3
Second Discipline 4 Second Discipline 5
IT Specialization 2 General Elective 3
General Elective 2 IT 4130: IT Issues and Management

Total: 15 hours

Total: 15 hours

Note: Students who cannot take MATH 1232 in their first semester are advised to take it in the second semester of their second year. MATH 1111 can then be used as one of the free electives.


IT Program Contact Information

Dr. Art Gowan, Chair and Professor
CEIT Room 2120
Phone: (912) 478-4848


Department of Information Technology • P.O. Box 8150 • Statesboro, Georgia 30460 • (912) 478-4848