MATH 2130 – Discrete Mathematics

Course Description

The course covers discrete mathematical objects such as sets, relations and functions, graphs and trees.  An introduction to mathematical logic and reasoning, and the concept of an algorithm and its complexity will be covered. This course is part of the IT core  required for all IT majors.


MATH 1232 is a co-requisite. A ‘C’ or better in MATH 1111. Or any mathematics course that has MATH 1111 as a prerequisite.

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of discrete mathematics in computer science and information technology;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of symbolic propositional and first-order predicate logic;
  3. Perform basic formal operations and methods of symbolic propositional and first-order predicate logic;
  4. Construct simple proofs in propositional logic;
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of Boolean algebra;
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of sets, relations and functions;
  7. Perform simple manipulations on sets, relations and functions;
  8. Explain the concept of an algorithm and algorithmic complexity;
  9. Explain difference between induction, recursion and iteration and their use in simple algorithms;
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of trees and graphs;
  11. Perform simple algorithms on trees and graphs;
  12. Apply these concepts to examples in computer science and information technology.

Rationale for Inclusion

This course covers the basic mathematics that is required for subsequent courses in IT.  The course contributes to the following program outcome:

  1. Demonstrate independent critical thinking and problem solving skills;
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