MS student presents research at DOE Conference

Mr. Marvin Duggan, MS in Department of Mechanical Engineering /CEIT Was invited by DOE to present his research: “Idling Emissions Reduction Technology with Low Temperature Combustion of DI Biodiesel and PFI n-Butanol” in Poster 07, Wed., October 17, 4:40 p.m. – 5:40 p.m., at Dept. of Energy-DEER 2012 Conference in Dearborn MI.

This DOE conference is highly regarded having presenters from: MIT, GM, ORNL, Argonne National Lab., FORD, CUMMINS, EPA, Daimler, VOLVO, Delphi.

While he was the youngest in the conference, he had an audience composed of professors and researchers, and his work was highly appreciated.

Marvin Duggan, second year Master student and Graduate Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Georgia Southern, works under the supervision of Dr. Val Soloiu, on Clean Idling Technologies. The results obtained with the new concept of Low Temperature Combustion attained in an Omnivorous (multifuel) engine, with Port fuel injection of n-butanol coupled with Direct injection of biodiesel are exceptional. The soot has been reduced by 90% while the NOx by 80% at selected regimes at idling speeds.

The results have been presented in the paper: “Investigation of Low Temperature Combustion Regimes of Biodiesel with n-Butanol Injected in the Intake Manifold of a Compression Ignition Engine, at Proceedings of the ASME 2012 IC Engine Division Fall Technical Conference, 2012” in Vancouver (Canada) while a second paper in Elsevier Energy Journal is under review:” PFI of n-Butanol and Direct Injection of Biodiesel to attain LTC for Low Emissions Idling in a Compression Engine”

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