MET Objectives

Georgia Southern University

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Program Educational Objectives

Fall 2012


Within three to four years of graduating, students completing the Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum at Georgia Southern University will:

1.      assume professional “engineering technology-related” positions in industry that utilize their technical skill and problem solving ability.

2.      demonstrate the technical, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills needed to advance in their professional career and increase their representation of their organization.

3.      have incrementally increased responsibility over projects and contributing team members, demonstrating the ability to take ownership for a project and seeing it through the various stages of development and implementation and eventually moving into project and team management.

4.      demonstrate increasing technical understanding and continued consideration of diversity, ethics, societal responsibilities, and the arts in their professional development.

5.      remain professionally current and engage in the pursuit of life-long learning  through further college education, short courses, industrial training, obtaining professional licensing and other channels of professional development

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