Distinguished Lectures Series: Keiya Nishida, Ph.D., Professor at University of Hiroshima, Japan

On October 24th, Keiya Nishida, Ph.D., Professor at University of Hiroshima will speak on the topic of Effects of Ultra-High Injection Pressure, Micro-hole Nozzle and Fuel Properties on Spray and Combustion Processes of Biodiesel Fuel.

The event has been organized by the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory, and will be held in room 2110 of the Engineering Building on October 24th at 10:10 AM.

Dr. Nishida is Professor at Dept. of Mechanical System Engineering, Univ. of Hiroshima, Japan, with 30 years in the spray and combustion in internal combustion engine. He developed a unique laser base diagnostics to characterize the air entrainment process and the fuel-air mixture formation process of the spray in Diesel and gasoline engines. He served the Engine System Division of Japan Soc. of Mechanical Engineer (JSME) as an
executive, Japan Society of Automotive Engineers (JSAE), Japan Institute for Marine Engines (JIME) as committee member, and Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS)-Japan as a vice president. AWARDS: Best Paper Awards CIMAC, JSME, Horning Memorial Award SAE, Loyd Award from JIME (Japan Institute of Marine Engineering), and Excellent Researcher Award from Engine System Division of JSME.

New Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology Announced

Georgia Southern University is continuing to advance educational and economic development opportunities in southeast Georgia with the formation of the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology(CEIT). The new College combines high-demand degree programs in engineering and IT to meet the training needs of the state, region and country.

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Stellar Careers are the norm for Graduates of Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory

Stellar careers await talented and hardworking students who graduate under the supervision of Dr. Soloiu, the Allen E. Paulson Endowed Chair of Renewable Energy. Each started their research early, in their undergraduate senior year, and made great progress by dedicated work in the Master of Science in Applied Engineering program.  Read more

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