Nanocomposite Material Science Laboratory

Dr. Khan and his graduate and undergraduate students are working on several research projects. Our research effort targets to fabricate, characterize and test novel hybrid polymer-nanoparticle based nano and micro scale fibers from its hybrid interfacial structure. An integrated approach comprising thermodynamic study, innovating manufacturing using electrospinning and solution spinning technique, experimental characterization, and mechanical testing is performed to elucidate the characteristics of hybrid interface and exploit those to enhance the physical properties of polymeric fiber. Ultra-high toughness per unit mass and strain wave velocity are the two unique features that this proposed fiber system will exhibit. Therefore, the proposed hybrid fiber systems will transform the existing paradigm of materials for high impact applications such as light weight body armor, armored vehicle, and lighter aerospace composite structure.

Students are also involved in synthesis and characterization of nanoscale multifunctional advanced materials for high temperature structural, sensing and thermoelectric applications. Sintering of ceramic composites and doping of high temperature ceramic composites is performed. Phase change metal-doped CNTs and hybrid PCMs is also synthesized using sol-gel diffusion technique and solution-phase chemistries, which will allow variations of the matrix material and elegant control over the nanoparticle doping process, composition and volume fraction.   Computational molecular dynamic simulation is also carried out in order to design these advanced nanotextured materials.




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