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There are two competitions which Eagle Motorsports competes in every year: Formula SAE and Baja SAE. Both cars are fully designed and built by students from the ground up to compete with collegiate teams from around the world. The vehicles are designed in accordance to strict rules and guidelines for safety. The competition is comprised of two sets of events: static and dynamic. Static events involve all of the presentation and judging of the vehicle, while dynamic events test the cars performance in a series of races. GSU students at any point in their education  (from freshman to seniors) are welcome to join the teams.  Drop by the main shop in the Carruth Building anytime during business hours, or watch around campus for an announcement of our monthly meetings. Join our teams!

Baja SAE

The premise of the Baja competition is to build an off-road style race vehicle that can be taken and put into a production line.Teams must find innovative ways to reduce lap times.


Formula SAE

Formula competition is based around the design and construction of an Autocross racing vehicle, that can be translated into a production vehicle . The vehicle brought to the competition is the result of the teams research, design and manufacturing.


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