2013 CEIT Faculty Research Seed Grants

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 CEIT Faculty Research Seed Grants.

2013 CEIT Faculty Research Seed Grant Awards
  • Dr. Cheryl Aasheim (IT): “Research in Big Data Analytics”
  • Dr. George Fu (CE/CM): “Instrument Request for ‘Color Removal from Pulp Mill Effluent Using Coal Ash Produced from Coal Combustion Power Plants’ Project”
  • Dr. Younghan Jung, Dr. Myung Jeong and Dr. Junsuk Kang (CE/CM): “A Chronological Image Analysis of Structural Failure for Innovation in Infrastructure Management”
  • Dr. Mujibur Khan, Dr. Aniruddha Mitra and Dr. Shaowen Xu (ME): ”Ultra-tough Hybrid Polymer/CNT Fiber for Lightweight Composite Body Armor”
  • Dr. Seonghoon Kim and Dr. Marcel Maghiar (CE/CM), and Dr. Lixin Li (CS): “Developing a Knowledge-Based Information System for Construction Cost Estimating and Scheduling (KISCCES)”
  • Dr. Seonghoon Kim and Dr. Marcel Maghiar (CE/CM): “Innovative Technology Application Assessment to Generate Alternative Energy in Highway Post-Construction”
  • Dr. Timur Mirzoev (IT): “Securing Cloud Environments for Critical Infrastructure”
  • Dr. Biswanath Samanta (ME) and Dr. Jordan Shropshire (IT): “Enabling Heterogeneous Robot Swarms in a Secure Cloud Environment”
  • Dr. Wei Wu (CE/CM) and Dr. Wenjia Li (CS): “Sensors Make Data Center Smarter: An Innovative Approach to Improve Data Center Efficiency and Resiliency Using Building Information Modeling and Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Dr. Shaowen Xu, Dr. Aniruddha Mitra and Dr. Sirajus Salekeen (ME): “Bio-inspired Multi-scale Hierarchical Structured Composites for Energy Absorption and Impact Resistant Application”
  • Dr. Cheng Zhang (ME): “Large Eddy Simulation of Wind Turbine Noise”
  • Dr. Yong Zhu (ME): “Design and Clinical Trial of a Portable Ankle Stiffness Testing and Therapeutic Device”

Last updated: 7/29/2013

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