Faculty Mentors

Below is a list of CEIT faculty by department who want to work with undergraduate research students. Check out their RESEARCH INTERESTS below.

Computer Sciences

Dr. James Bradford: Human Computer Interaction, creative user interfaces and widgets for complex systems, medical uses and context recovery.

Dr. James Harris: Combinatorics and graph theory, computer security, queuing theory and probability distributions, simulated strata of computer viruses through networks and game programming and its influence on student learning.

Dr. Vladen Jovanovic: Software engineering curricula, database and software design, testing and assessment for data intensive systems, multi-dimensional architectural frameworks and data warehouse validation for the next generation of data warehouse design.

Dr. Lixin Lee: Spatiotemporal interpolation methods in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) involving continuous data in space and time, exploring data for decision making.

Dr. Youming Li: Computer graphics, data structures, complex algorithms in numerical computations, artificial intelligence and operating systems.

Dr. Wen-ran Zhang: YinYang bipolar relativity and bipolar quantum entanglement, the ubiquitous effects of quantum entanglement into the real world of macroscopic and microscopic agent interactions in quantum computing, cognitive informatics, and life sciences. Logical unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Civil Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Bhuiyan: Tall buildings and bridges, earthquake & wind engineering, performance-based design of structures and soil-structure interaction.

Dr. George Fu: Biofilters for water treatment, color removal from pulp mill effluent, closed hydroponic systems and
water quality management.

Dr. Gustavo Maldonado: Structural analysis, earthquake/wind engineering, civil engineering materials and applications of terrestrial LiDAR.

Dr. Shahnam Navaee: Large deflections of flexible structural members, contact problem of solid bodies, damage analysis of composites, experimental research in structural engineering and educational research.

Dr. Mamunur Rashid: Hydrology, hydrometeorology & water resources system analysis, water and waste-water treatment, storm-water treatment and water conservation.

Dr. Junan Shen: Pavement structures, civil engineering materials and geotechnical engineering. Dr. Shen is the Director of the Asphalt Laboratory and is conducting a two-year grant funded study to determine how to make a durable, energy-saving, green pavement using “crumb” rubber.

Construction Management

Dr. Myung Goo Jeong: Quality assurance in pavement construction, pavement materials characterization and design, pavement performance prediction and modeling.

Dr. Younghan Jung: Organizational intelligence, occupational safety and health, sustainable infrastructure management
performance and productivity optimization.

Dr. Junsuk Kang: Soil-structure interaction, composites structures/protective structures, finite element analysis/ numerical analysis and rehabilitation of existing culverts.

Dr. Seonghoon Kim: Construction productivity, scheduling and cost estimating and heavy highway construction.

Dr. Marcel Maghiar: Construction process modeling/productivity, cognitive processes in construction trades, BIM applications/lean construction and construction education.

Clint Martin: Feasibility and conceptual estimating, lean project delivery, sustainable construction practices and construction education outcome improvement.

Dr. Peter D. Rogers: Heavy civil construction, water and wastewater systems, utility management and planning, water and sanitation in developing countries.

Jean Uhl: Drones used in construction, LEED vs Green rating systems, silicosis prevention for construction and

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Ahad: Microcontroller based instrumentation, embedded systems and computational modeling of electromagnetic fields.

Dr. M. Rocio Alba-Flores: Control systems, robotics, image processing, and engineering education.

Dr. Frank Goforth: Hysteretic systems, control systems, and renewable energy.

Dr. Rami Haddad: Optical communication transmission, optical modulation techniques, optical networks, dynamic bandwidth allocation for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs), bandwidth forecasting algorithms, and engineering education.

Dr. Youakim Kalaani: Engineering education, power systems, and renewable energy.

Dr. Sungkyun Lim: Analysis and design of antennas for wireless communications, Small antennas, Supergain arrays, Wireless energy harvest, Propagation modeling, Wireless sensors, RFID, GPS/GNSS, Mobile phone antennas,  Metamaterials, Optimization methods, Radar. For more information, please visit his Antennas and Wireless Propagation (AWP) Lab website.

Dr. Abdur Rahman: Applications of plasmas for semiconductor processing and biomedical applications, numerical and spectroscopic characterization of plasmas.

Dr. Danda B. Rawat: Wireless communications and networking. His current research interests include design, analysis, and evaluation of cognitive radio networks, vehicular ad-hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, network security, and cyber physical systems. His research interests also include information theory, signal processing, game theory, and research/project based education.

Dr. Fernando Rios-Gutierrez: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic systems applications, Control Systems, Embedded Systems Design, and Sensor interfaces.

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Anoop Desai: Engineering management, product development, design for manufacturing, Six Sigma and Quality control and engineering economic analysis.

Dr. Mujibur Rahman Khan: Materials science and processing, synthesis and characterization of nanoscale advanced materials for high temperature structural, sensing and thermoelectric applications. For more information on Dr. Khan’s work, please see the Nanocomposite Material Science Laboratory.

Dr. Aniruddha Mitra: Materials science and processing, composite materials, instrumentation and vibration analysis of mechanical systems.  Dr. Mitra has three years of experience as a design engineer working in an automobile industry with specialization in suspension system.

Dr. Gustavo J. Molina: Triboemission, biolubricants/biofuels lubrication, nanofluid erosion, stochastics modeling of emission phenomena, high vacuum, and design of experimental equipment.

Dr. Mosfequr Rahman: Energy science research in the areas of experimental fluid mechanics, Aerodynamic performance analysis of vertical axis wind turbine, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of incompressible fluids and nanofluids, experimental and finite element modeling of photostrictive (PLZT) optical actuators for MEMS devices, and mechanical characterization and structure-property relationship of cross-linked silica aerogel (CSA): design and fabrication of cryogenic propellant tank using nanostructured CSA.

Dr. Biswanath Samanta: Mechatronics, dynamic systems and control, robotics and intelligent systems, and computational intelligence.

Dr.Valentin A. Soloiu: Energy science and energy systems, sustainable and renewable bio-fuels, combustion and emissions, fuel sprays, unsteady fluid dynamics, design and development of IC engines, dynamics and vibrations, and tribology. For more information on Dr. Soloiu’s work, please see the Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory.

Dr. Brian L. Vlcek: Cryogenic turbopump seals, vapor lubrication of high temperature contacts, fatigue failure of PVC coatings, probabilistic modeling of fatigue failure, aluminum fatigue failure and analysis, alternative energy and tribology of biofuels. For more information on Dr. Vlcek’s work, please see the Digital Surface Imaging Laboratory.

Dr. David A. Williams: Engineering management, industrial materials and manufacturing processes with a strong cognate area in industrial/environmental safety.

Dr. Shaowen Xu: Energy science, impact science, frictional welding, and materials property—with an emphasis on bio-inspired structured composites. For more information on Dr. Xu’s work, please see the Materials Research Laboratory.

Dr. Cheng Zhang: Energy science research in the area of turbulent spray combustion, computational aeroacoustics of human phonation, combustion instability, and computational fluid dynamics modeling of solid fuel gasification.

Information Technology

Dr. Cheryl Aasheim: Assessment and accreditation, big data, business intelligence, data mining, data analytics and IT education.

Dr. Chris Kadlec: Technology mediated learning, end-user and IS professional training, network security/disaster recovery, collaboration technology and telecommunications.

Dr. John O’Malley: IT education, E-Commerce, IT Project Management, IT ethics, web technologies.

Dr. Russell Thackston: Dr. Russell Thackston’s research focuses on designing, building, and distributing cloud-based solutions to instructional and research problems such as computational chemistry and computer simulations. Visit the Cloud Computing Research Laboratory.

Sam Wainford: Women in technology, IT education, emerging web development technologies and standards, interface usability testing, responsive design, digital media and the convergence of art and technology.

Dr. Amy Zhang: Integrated web applications and middle layer programming, e-commerce, industrial economics and banking and business ethics.

Last updated: 8/22/2017

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